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An introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM) Part 1 of 2

Building Information Modelling









If you run your own construction business or manage large building projects, you will know about the many professions and trades that need to come together to contribute to a modern building or refurbishment. But does information risk and cyber security come into your thinking? If not, it should.

Such projects require detailed information to be transferred between partners such as designers and architects at the planning stage, followed by the construction teams.  A variety of software tools are available to support this process such as 3D modelling packages, CAD software and project management tools.

All of this generates large volumes of data that must be accurate and which has to get to the right people on time. What’s more, it has to be safe from threats – and remain that way. Continue reading “An introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM) Part 1 of 2” »


Steve Maddison

Director and Principal Consultant

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Ascentor expands capabilities on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2










Public sector organisations, agencies and associated bodies can now buy more Ascentor services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework.

Ascentor’s cyber security and information assurance consultants have a background in government security and extensive experience in a variety of Information Assurance (IA) disciplines. In the second iteration of the DOS framework, Ascentor’s Digital Outcomes capabilities cover a range of security topics – IA certification, policy, threat modelling, risk management, infrastructure reviews and firewall audits. We can also offer project management, and process and system auditing. Continue reading “Ascentor expands capabilities on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2” »


Ben Wheeler

Ascentor marketing and content editor.

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