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Are you sure it’s just an RMADS you need?



The case for a considered approach to Information Assurance on MOD projects

“Just get a contractor in to write an RMADS when we’ve finished testing the system.”

How many times have we heard those fateful words?  And how many times have we put our heads in our hands and almost cried?

“What’s the problem?” you may ask. Well, in this article, we’ll explain.

We’ll make a balanced case for why your approach to Information Assurance (IA – making sure your information stays secure) would benefit from a more holistic approach. Continue reading “Are you sure it’s just an RMADS you need?” »


Dave James

Information Risk Management expert and Managing Director of Ascentor

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The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 2)









Last month we published the first of a two-part series on the best cyber security guides and articles on the web. It covered advice on educating your employees about cyber security, guidance for the board and tips for small and micro businesses.

The article was written for anyone increasingly concerned about the threat to their data and looking for advice – you can re-visit part-one here.

This month, in part-two, we point our lens at ransomware, the insider threat, guidance for suppliers to HM Government and there’s even a plain English guide to all that cyber security jargon. Continue reading “The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 2)” »


Ben Wheeler

Ascentor marketing and content editor.

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