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If you supply to HM Government, you’ll be aware of the National Cyber Security Strategy and the clarion call from central Government for the UK to raise its cyber game. Tackling this growing issue will increase the prosperity of the UK.

“Cyber attacks are growing more frequent, sophisticated and damaging when they succeed. So we are taking decisive action to protect both our economy and the privacy of UK citizens…The cyber threat impacts the whole of our society, so we want to make very clear that everyone has a part to play in our national response.”

Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021.

As a Government supplier you have a particularly complex challenge: not only do you hold your own information; you may well hold Government information too – you need to protect both accordingly. At Ascentor we have a range of services that help you protect all types of information and sustain your business for the future.


Ascentor has a range of Information Risk Management services for Government supplier companies:

  • IA and CCP consultants – helping to de-risk the delivery of your products and services to Government
  • Information Risk Management to reduce the risk to your business AND protect Government data. If you have to invest time and cost in protecting Government information, it makes sense to extend the umbrella of governance to your own business data too. Ascentor will help you implement highly effective and efficient IRM within the context of your business.
  • Accreditors – to accredit your system or mentor and support your Security Controller
  • PSN – experienced support for your Public Service Network projects
  • G-Cloud – experienced accreditation support for your G-Cloud projects
  • IRM Awareness – presentations and workshops for executives


Working with Ascentor will help you to reduce the risk to the Government information you hold AND deliver wider business benefits managing the risks to your own information. Looking at both will deliver cost efficiencies and strengthen your business across the board.

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