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Why Information Risk Management?

If you are running any business or organisation today, protecting your information from risk will be a growing priority. To remain competitive, profitable and trusted by your customers you have to take information security seriously.

Ascentor provides independent Information Risk Management expertise. We help you put the risk into context, getting your information security practices and architecture right. Our comprehensive range of services will keep your information secure and strengthen your business for the future.

“Businesses and organisations decide on where and how to invest in cyber security based on a cost-benefit assessment, but they are ultimately liable for the security of their data and systems.”

National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021


Ascentor’s suite of Information Risk Management services for commercial businesses includes:

  • Information Risk Management – for the enterprise. Reduce the risk across your business. From audits to strategy, policies and process we’ll help you understand the risk and put controls in place that address your business needs. Find out more about Information Risk Management for the Enterprise.
  • Information Risk Management – for projects. Most systems or change projects bring an element of information risk. If you are restructuring, outsourcing, merging with another business, or considering new technology Ascentor can help you assess your risk and assist with your Business Continuity programmes. Find out more about Information Risk Management for Projects.
  • Information Risk Management – standards. We can help you identify and achieve the relevant standards, including PCI DSS Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard, ISO/IEC 27001/2 and ISO 22301 the Business Continuity Standard. Find out more about Information Security Standards.


Managing information risk is a complex task. To do this effectively you’ll need advice that is clear and actionable, with balanced, efficient controls appropriate to your business need. This is where the Ascentor team can help.

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