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Understanding, identifying and treating the risks to your organisation’s information is hard to do. Ascentor will give you an independent, expert view helping you put the risks into context and get your information security practices and architecture right. Get it right and you will improve the resilience of your business across the board.

 “The TalkTalk compromise on 21 October 2015 cost TalkTalk an estimated £60m and the loss of 95,000 customers, as well as a sharp drop in their share price.”

National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021


Our best practice approach and comprehensive range of services will keep your valuable business information secure and strengthen your business for the future. Find out about Information Risk Management, the Ascentor way.


Ascentor’s Information Risk Management services are designed to help you whatever stage you are at:

“Information security is a national priority that will sharpen our competitive edge.”

Dave James, MD of Ascentor

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