Information Risk Management – for Projects


Any programme of change in a business can introduce new vulnerabilities and threats and can potentially have an impact upon information security. If you are making strategic, tactical or operational changes it is important to consider and manage your information risks.


Ascentor provides expert Information Risk Management resource and services for business and system change programmes. We provide you with an independent assessment of the information risks for your projects, giving you a balanced view of the risk versus the business benefits.

We provide highly experienced consultants with expert knowledge in all aspects of Information Risk Management as part of your project team.

Prioritise Information Risk Management right from the outset; if you leave it until the change project is underway it can cause delays and increase costs.

Projects where we add value:

  • Any major change, whether this is deciding on the relative merits of the Cloud or allowing your staff to access company information from their iPads
  • New IT systems or changes to existing systems
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Moving premises


Ascentor provides various levels of support, depending on your requirements.

  • Embed our consultants in your project or programme team. Clients use our consultants to manage the information security work stream or provide expert resource as required.
  • If you have a risk management process in place we can provide an independent, third party review to give you confidence and de-risk the project.
  • We can also work remotely from our offices, at the end of the phone.

Next steps:

Please get in touch directly to discuss the level of support you require. Contact Dave James for a no obligation, confidential discussion:

Telephone: 01452 881712 or 07787 506889

Email: [email protected]

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