IRM Awareness for Executives


It would be difficult to find a Board level executive who hasn’t heard about the rise of cyber crime and the business impacts this has had on some high profile organisations in both commercial and public sector organisations. See this 2017 article on the UK’s top data breaches here.

But what does information security mean to your business? What exactly are the risks and how do you start to manage them? Who should be responsible and, importantly, what are the benefits if you get this right?

Ascentor’s Information Risk Management Awareness presentations and workshops will give you a clear, informed understanding.


Ascentor will give your executive team the truth about the business impacts of cyber crime and related information risks. We’re a truly independent consultancy, without a product to sell and with many years experience of information security. We will explain in clear terms how these business impacts can be reduced and give you a better understanding of Information Risk Management (IRM).


Ascentor provides IRM awareness presentations to any type or size of audience. We have a structured approach for explaining IRM, firmly centred on providing business benefits to an organisation. The presentation is in clear business speak, your language – jargon and technical issues are kept to the absolute minimum.

Next Steps

If you or your executive team would like a better understanding of Information Risk Management and how to reduce the risks to your organisation please call to discuss your requirements.

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