Why Information Security Will Rocket to the Top of Your ‘To Do’ List this Year

It is going to be a big year for information security.

  • As workplace interactions become increasingly digital (need we mention social media, the Cloud, the growing consumerisation of IT and the proliferation of smart phones and tablet technology) the risks to any organisation’s information are on the rise.
  • 2011 saw a number of serious information security breaches — the Sony Playstation network’s hack probably the most high profile of all. These have made us all more aware of the risks.
  • The UK Government is now firmly on the case. December saw the launch of the UK Government’s Cyber Security Strategy – a clarion call for all businesses, all organisations to up their game if we want to remain profitable and boost prosperity in our country.

“This country needs an increased capability to protect ourselves not only against cyber attacks on the government but on businesses and individuals. Such attacks can in the future become a major threat to our economic operations in this country, to our economic welfare and to national infrastructure. We have to make sure we are protecting ourselves.”

William Hague, Foreign Secretary – speaking to the BBC, October 2010.

  • More organisations, more industries, and more buyers are demanding that their suppliers take information security seriously, and they want to see evidence of this too – achieving a relevant information security standard becomes a priority if we are going to hold on to and win the business that we need.

Taking all these factors into consideration, there is a strong probability that if information security never quite made it to the top of your to do list in 2011, it certainly should do in 2012!

Demystifying information risk

This leaves any leadership team with a challenge. Information security may be on the Board’s agenda but what exactly does it mean to your business? What information needs protecting? What exactly are the risks? How does your organisation manage them? Where do you start?

To help you Ascentor is giving away a really practical guide. In The Board’s Guide to Information Risk you’ll learn:

  • Why information security is such a hot topic for businesses today
  • The importance of effective information risk management and what it means to your business
  • The business benefits if you get it right
  • 8 critical considerations for any Board of Directors
  • Why it’s dangerous to pigeonhole information risk as an IT issue
  • A list of questions for each member of the Board
  • How to manage the risks to your organisation effectively

By sharing this useful guide, we want to show UK businesses and organisations how to secure valuable information. There’s a really positive message here – a focus on information risk management will not only secure your information, it will strengthen your whole business too. Find out more in the Board’s Guide:

Download the Board’s Guide to Information Risk »

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