The State of Information Security in 2013 – Survey Results Out

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has released the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey . It makes for pretty depressing reading. It seems that cyber criminals are lasering in on both large and small businesses, with SMEs increasingly vulnerable.

This infographic by Via Resource counts the cost of a “worst-case” breach for both small or large businesses.

Infosec breaches 2013 infographic

A clarion call for SMEs to up their game

In all areas the number of attacks and, more importantly, the cost of these attacks has risen but the major impact is the cost on SMEs who are now seeing incident levels only previously seen by large organisations.

This is a worrying trend but perhaps not surprising. In general SMEs spend the least on protecting from an information security incident and are therefore an easier target.

Doing the basics can really help (see our previous blog – Protect Your System From Cyber Threat With These 7 Basic Security Controls ) but lots of SMEs are not applying best practice advice. Until they do it is likely the 2014 report will look even worse.

Cyber attacks are here to stay until we can protect ourselves appropriately. All organisation need to up their information security game. It’s not all bad news though. As you secure your information you’ll strengthen your business in the process.

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2 thoughts on “The State of Information Security in 2013 – Survey Results Out

  1. Very interesting report. I find it staggering that 26% of companies had not briefed their boards on Cyber Security Matters…

  2. Dave James says:

    @Colin Robbins: Yes, Its really illumintaing isnt’t it. Provides a bit of context to the recent annoucements from Sir Ian Loben as well. I can see the governmnet strategy to get UK to raise its cyber game at work here, but I fear education and awareness of the threat to UK business leaders alone will not see a rapid enough response to achieve the aims of the Cyber Security Strategy. I guess this time next year we will be able to judge if the recent annocemnet to £4m spend on raising cyber awareness has had any effect.

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