Case study: claireLOGIC achieving ISO 27001

Ascentor conducted a ISO 27001 Gap Analysis for claireLOGIC, assessing what they are currently doing to fulfil business and commercial obligations against the requirements of ISO 27001.

Case study: Assuring information in the Houses of Parliament

How Ascentor helped the Houses of Parliament to develop and implement a new information assurance process for the cloud from scratch.

Case study: Independent assurance for SeeByte UK’s approach to security

How Ascentor helped SeeByte UK give customers the confidence that they are dealing with a secure, trusted and resilient supply chain organisation.

Case study: The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)

How Ascentor helped the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) develop a risk-based assessment methodology for CS&IA inspections of List N facilities.

Case study: Information Risk Management Consultancy for Resilient plc

How certification in essential information and cyber security standards with Ascentor helped increase security awareness and build a strong security culture. 

Case study: Accreditation approach for Royal Air Force Operation Training Capability​

How Ascentor provided a pragmatic and sustainable approach to accreditation leading to project stage completion on time and budget.

Case study: Cyber security review for nuclear client

How Ascentor’s cyber security assessment helped a nuclear energy company strengthen cyber security assurance on design projects.

Case study: Specialist security advisors to MOD programme

How Ascentor helped the prime contractor deliver a fully compliant system in accordance with the MOD policy and requirements in just under four months.

Case study: Security consultancy for MOD project

How Ascentor’s CESG Certified Professional Security and Information Risk Advisor consultants achieved a successful MOD project transition in three months.

Case study: Specialist security advisors to MOD delivery team

How Ascentor’s Security Assurance Coordinator advice and guidance helped this MOD team deliver OEM security compliance to maintain project pace.