Building on decades of experience in the worlds of information and cyber security, Ascentor can give your senior teams the truth about the organisational impacts of cyber and information risks. We’ll explain in clear terms how these impacts can be reduced and give you a better understanding of cyber risk management.

For your operational teams, we can go into the more depth about how to identify and prioritise risks, determine and implement appropriate controls and develop processes for measuring the effectiveness of your approach.


Whether you are an executive or senior civil servant, your organisation or department will be impacted by the cyber risk. Your concern may have been heightened by breaches suffered by high profile organisations in both commercial and public sector organisations.

You and your teams need to understand what cyber security means to your organisation or department. What exactly are the risks and how do you start to manage them? Who should be responsible and, more importantly, what are the benefits if you get this right?

No-one can bury their head in the sand and hope cyber risk will go away – you need to understand it and deal with it.

In November 2016, Ascentor was chosen to provide 3 speakers to assist The National Archives in the delivery of management board briefings as part of their commitment to promote good information management practice within government.


Ascentor’s IRM workshops and presentations are suitable for any type or size of audience and can last from a couple of hours to a whole day. We have a structured approach for explaining cyber risk management, firmly centred on providing business benefits to an organisation. The sessions are delivered in clear business speak, your language – jargon and technical issue are kept to the absolute minimum.

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