All you need to protect your business from basic cyber attacks

We designed CyberWyse for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who know they need to take action to improve their cyber security –  but are just not sure what to do.

CyberWyse combines certification for Cyber Essentials (CE) PLUS and the Information Assurance for Small Medium Enterprise (IASME) Governance Standard with cyber security insurance. All delivered with full support from cyber security specialists, Ascentor.

Why you should consider CyberWyse

If you are an SME or smaller business, there is near enough a 1 in 2 chance that your business will be subject to a cyber attack. So, if you’ve been hacked, are worried about being hacked, or you need to demonstrate to your client base that you are taking cyber security seriously, CyberWyse is for you.

We take away the headache of not having enough time, skill or resource and help you through a quick and effective approach to reducing your organisation’s exposure to the cyber risk.

Perhaps more importantly, the ongoing governance will be proportionate to your size of business, thereby reducing the operational workload on internal staff.

Discover more with Ascentor’s Practical Cyber Security Guide for Business 

There’s a common misunderstanding that cyber criminals only target the large organisations everyone has heard of. Unfortunately, this is not the case – as many businesses of all sizes discover to their cost. If you are online, you’re at risk.

The 2021 UK Cyber Breaches Survey found that the average cost of a cyber security breach for medium and large businesses combined was £13,400.

Download your free copy of our Practical Cyber Security Guide for Business where you’ll discover some practical and actionable preventative measures to take to help protect your business from cyberattacks.

– Scoping call
– On-site review
– Off-site checks and tests

– Two days’ consultancy support

– Formal audit
– Issue certificates
– Automatic insurance

The Ascentor CyberWyse process

We take you through three steps to achieve your new, certified and insured cyber security position.

First, we need to Identify Gaps, which involves:

A scoping call, to discuss and confirm:

  • The work package, the process and the logistics
  • The stakeholders to be interviewed
  • Whether you have any existing security documents (copies required for review)

A on-site visit to:

  • Review your current security approach (interviews as agreed at the scoping call)
  • Carry out a high-level network review and a vulnerability scan of your system.

Off-site tests and checks back at Ascentor’s Gloucester office to:

  • Review your security approach against the IASME standard
  • Carry out remote scans and email tests
  • Produce a report with a roadmap of activities 

Once we have identified the gaps, we will Fill Gaps during two days of consultancy support. This time is flexible and tailored to help you implement the roadmap in preparation for the audits.

Finally, we Audit and Certify. When you are ready for the audit, we will check your self-assessed IASME submission and arrange for the onsite CE PLUS audit. Your certificates will follow a successful audit.


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Why Ascentor?

Whatever your level of information risk, Ascentor’s expertise will help you build the appropriate level of response to your cyber security challenges.

Ascentor has specialised in independent information and cyber security consultancy since 2004. The advice we give will help you to protect your information and strengthen your business for the future.

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