When it comes to cyber risk management, companies often struggle to know where to start. It may be tempting to dive into technical solutions or grab the nearest standard or certificate. This could be a waste of time and money if you haven’t taken basic steps to work out the problem you are trying to fix – namely, how to protect the information you hold from the risks that you face.

An Ascentor Cyber Risk Healthcheck can help you to make those first steps. You will receive a specialist review of your organisation in a report setting out a critique of your cyber risk management arrangements in comparison with other organisations. The report will focus on providing your business with clear demonstrable priorities for improvement, and recommendations for action including any quick wins we can identify.


Organisations that can demonstrate they have a robust control framework in place to manage cyber risks are far better positioned to maintain a long-term sustainable operation. This is even more relevant with the growing cyber threat which is in an increasing feature of cyber risk management.

Creating a sound baseline from which to plan projects to improve technical, procedural and human resources controls will save time and effort in the long run and give you a well-informed position to share with your stakeholders. Any quick wins will be designed to bring more immediate business benefit.


Our Cyber Risk Healthcheck service is a fixed price service priced at £2,000.

The service involves a preliminary discussion to understand what you do and to explore your specific requirements. We will document this prior to conducting an on-site assessment.

The on-site activity by one of our expert cyber risk management specialists involves assessing your information values, cyber risk management capability, cyber security operations and business continuity arrangements. We will also review your documentation and policies. Our report will document our findings, conclusions and recommendations including where we can support you further with remediation activities to address the gaps.

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