ISO 22301 is the international standard for business continuity management. It was developed to help you prepare for and minimise the impact of disruptions which are often totally outside your control. This disruption can be anything from a minor annoyance to a complete loss of essential services.

ISO 22301 will help you identify your critical assets and put in place management processes and plans to ensure those assets are available in the event of an incident.

Ascentor uses the ISO 22301 standard to ensure you have effective business continuity plans in place.


Continued operation in the event of business disruption is a fundamental requirement for any organisation. We tend to think of major incidents in terms of a complete destruction of an IT system by flood or fire – but even the inability to get into an office building could have dire consequences. Having the ability to recover quickly from a cyber attack is another example of the benefit of having a business continuity plan, especially if access to an IT system or the internet is mission critical. 

Business continuity management, aligned with ISO 22301, is the most powerful way a business can effectively manage any disruption arising from an incident affecting the availability of critical business processes.  

It will not only help your organisation recover from a potentially major incident, it will also protect your reputation and revenue and assure customers that you have the necessary measures in place. 


Continuity processes and procedures depend on the structure and culture of the organisation. Our consultants work closely with each organisation to understand its workings and put tailored, workable plans in place. We develop appropriate controls to facilitate prevention, detection and recovery with the minimum of additional overheads. 

The core of the Ascentor process is a business impact assessment. We determine and prioritise the critical business functions and identify the key employees and resources. We then map the critical business functions to the key resources and establish plans to ensure the functions have continuous access to those resources. 

We fully document how the relationship between the functions and resources will be maintained and develop both a communications strategy, employee training plan and testing strategy. 

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