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Question 1

Is Information Risk Management currently on your Board’s agenda? *


Question 2

Do you know what information you depend on and where it is? *

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Question 3

Do you have a company wide Information Security Policy? *

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Question 4

Do you carry out regular risk assessments? *

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Question 5

Do you apply appropriate controls to protect personal information in accordance with current legislation? *

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Question 6

Do you provide guidance to employees on information security? *

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Question 7

Have you implemented detection and prevention controls to protect against malicious software? *

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Question 8

Are all of your system changes managed within a formal change control process? *

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Question 9

Do you keep audit logs for all security-relevant events? *

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Question 10

Does your network team carry out regular vulnerability testing? *

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Question 11

Is redundant media and equipment with storage capability securely disposed of when no longer required *

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Question 12

Does your business have a Contingency Planning process? *

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You scored:

Well done! You are in the top echelons of effective information risk management. Your organisation should be relatively risk free. If you ever need an expert second opinion please give us a call.
A creditable performance with a significant number of information risks well managed. There are still a few issues that you may need a hand with. If you want to talk these through give us a call. We’d love to help.
It is very honest of you to realise that you are experiencing some significant information risk issues. Talk to us and we will see what we can do to help you to reduce your risks.


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