Virtual services make key skills available on an “as required” basis. The skills are provided by one or more individuals from an organisation to fulfil roles or duties.

Ascentor can supply virtual services using our consultants and those of our sister companies and partner network. With appropriate qualifications and backgrounds in relevant public or private sector organisations, our consultants are knowledgeable practitioners who bring pragmatism and an independent eye to support your teams and projects.


There may be legal and/or contractual reasons to include a role within your organisation – such as a Data Protection Officer for Lead for GDPR or a Security Controller for List X or List N. In some organisations, these roles do not warrant a full-time resource and finding qualified people able to work part-time and be suitably flexible may be challenging. Similarly, asking existing staff to wear multiple hats may be ineffective as they may struggle to keep up to date with the necessary obligations and information.

If you do not have a legal and/or contractual reason to fulfil a role, you may still need support on an occasional basis – for a peak in demand or to bring additional expertise.


Ascentor offers virtual services to satisfy legal, contractual and business requirements for specific capability. The service can be for a fixed number of hours or days per week, month or year, or on a call-off basis with a fixed number of days available over a fixed period, for example 10 days per annum. The service can be to fulfil the duties of a role or to perform an agreed set of tasks.   

Ascentor offers virtual services for accreditation, security controllers and Data Protection Officers or Leads. 

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