“Cyber security is now a mainstream business risk, corporate leaders need to understand what threats are out there, and what the most effective ways are of managing the risks. They need to understand cyber risk in the same way they understand financial risk, or health and safety risk.”
Ciaran Martin, Head of the National Cyber Security Centre, CBI speech Sept 2018

If you are running any business today, protecting your information from risk will be a growing priority. To remain competitive, profitable and trusted by your customers you must take information security seriously.

You may decide to adopt an established standard or scheme to demonstrate your commitment – this could be the government-backed Cyber Essentials Scheme or an international standard such as ISO 27001 (information security) or ISO 22301 (business continuity and disaster recovery). Or you may need an industry specific scheme such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) or PAS 1192-5 for Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Possibly you want to go one step beyond compliance to standards and schemes, so you can instil greater confidence amongst your stakeholders and build superior competitive advantage. In these cases, you may want to develop a complete cyber and information strategy and associated programmes to really up your game.


Managing information risk is a complex task. Whatever your challenge, you will need suitably qualified and experienced people to support you.

Our highly-qualified NCSC (CESG) Certified Professional (CCP) consultants have experience of working on complex and high-threat government programmes. We will work as part of your team on a full- or part-time basis or you can use one of our virtual services.

For those of you well on your cyber and information security journey, we can guide your strategy and implementation initiatives to improve your cyber security posture. If you are just setting out on your journey, our education workshops and cyber assessment activities will help you on your way. And if you need to comply with a standard, model or scheme (for example, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, PAS 1192-5, PCI-DSS, GDPR or NIS(D)), we have a portfolio of services to choose from.


“You’re under pressure. We understand that. It’s important to us that we always understand the context you’re working within. And, that what we do has a tangible and positive impact on what you’re trying to achieve.”
The Ascentor promise – from Dave James, Managing Director

Working with Ascentor will help you to reduce the risk to the information you hold, deliver cost efficiencies and strengthen your business across the board. We will give you advice that is clear and actionable, with balanced, efficient controls appropriate to your business need.

Join companies such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Smart DCC, Resilient and BuroHappold Engineering who have all seen excellent results from Ascentor’s services.

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