“If we look at the last year or two of cyber attacks there have been a lot of dramatic attacks. But one of the slow burning, strategic issues is the integrity of the supply chain and how corporations and government departments manage that risk.”
Ciaran Martin, Head of the NCSC, April 2018

Whether you are a prime contractor or part of a government supply chain, cyber and information security will be high on your priority list. Not only do you hold your own information, you may well hold government information too – and you need to protect both accordingly.

You may have to prove compliance with a standard or model simply to participate in a contract – for example, the Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES), the MOD Cyber Security Model (CSM), NISR 2003 Regulation 22 or the government’s SPF.

Possibly you want to go one step beyond compliance to standards and schemes, so you can instil greater confidence amongst your stakeholders and build superior competitive advantage. And for those of you whose businesses support national security and infrastructure, taking care of information assets may be mission critical, with lives and reputations at stake.


Whatever your challenge, you will need suitably qualified and experienced people to support you. Ascentor has a range of cyber risk management and Information Assurance (IA) services for government suppliers.

Our highly-qualified NCSC (CESG) Certified Professional (CCP) consultants have experience of working on complex and high-threat government programmes. We will work as part of your team on a full- or part-time basis or you can use one of our virtual services.

For those of you well on your cyber and information security journey, we can guide your strategy and implementation initiatives to improve your cyber security posture. For supply-side projects, we offer expert advice and guidance on security risk assessment, architecture and technical design. If you are just setting out on your journey, our education workshops and cyber assessment activities will help you on your way. And if you need to comply with a standard, model or scheme (for example, List X, List N, CSM or CES/IASME), we have a portfolio of services to choose from.


“You’re under pressure. We understand that. It’s important to us that we always understand the context you’re working within. And, that what we do has a tangible and positive impact on what you’re trying to achieve.”
The Ascentor promise – from Dave James, Managing Director

Working with Ascentor will help you to reduce the risk to the government information you hold AND deliver wider business benefits managing the risks to your own information. Looking at both will deliver cost efficiencies and strengthen your business across the board. Join companies such as Interserve, BMT Group, Ultra Electronics and L3 Marine Systems who have all seen excellent results from Ascentor’s services.

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