“In 2017 the average total cost of a ransomware attack in public sector organisations was £369,604. This extends beyond any ransom demanded and includes downtime, manpower, device cost, network cost, and lost opportunities.”
Sophos Global Research 

Sensitive government and citizen information has always needed protecting in accordance with its level of classification and in line with prevailing legislation. With the ever-growing and often persistent threat from cyber space, the task of keeping information safe is becoming more complex, costly and time-consuming. Add to this the pressure of diminishing budgets, and life in the corridors of power can be daunting.

Whether you are implementing the principles of the Security Policy Framework, aligning to the minimum cyber security standards (based on the NIST cyber security framework), or designing systems and processes to handle sensitive information, you need to be on top of your game. And if you are selecting suppliers, you need to check they are on top of their game too.

You need to understand your risk appetite, assess and manage your risks by choosing and implementing appropriate controls, then measure, monitor and improve.


Ascentor specialises in bespoke advice to public sector organisations and departments that have very high value and sensitive information assets. Our highly-qualified, NCSC (CESG) Certified Professional (CCP) consultants have backgrounds in complex and high-threat government security and extensive experience in a variety of cyber security and Information Assurance (IA) disciplines including risk management, accreditation, IA architecture, audit, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and business continuity/disaster recovery.

For those of you well on your cyber and information security journey, we can guide your strategy and implementation initiatives to improve your cyber security posture. For client-side projects, we offer expert advice and guidance on risk assessment, architecture and technical security requirements, accreditation, and supplier selection. If you are just setting out on your journey, our education workshops and cyber assessment activities will help you on your way. And if you want to be compliant with a standard, model or scheme (for example, ISO 27001ISO 22301PAS 1192-5 or DPA 2018), we have a portfolio of services to choose from.

You can buy Ascentor’s services directly through G-Cloud 10, Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 3 and the Analysis Support Construct (ASC). We have partners on FATS and CCSC.

For more information about the procurement routes open to Public Sector organisations, please see our How to Buy page.


“In November 2016, Ascentor was chosen to provide 3 speakers to assist The National Archives in the delivery of management board briefings as part of their commitment to promote good information management practice within government.”
Martin Fletcher, Assurance and Information Management Consultant, 
The National Archives 

Working with Ascentor will help you to get the balance right between cost, benefit and security. Join organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, HM Treasury, the Houses of Parliament, the National Archives and other government agencies who have all seen excellent results from Ascentor’s services.

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