QI Consulting has been awarded a place on the BBC’s new Consultancy Services Framework II, which starts on Monday 20th August 2018.

Ascentor is QI Consulting’s partner of choice for the cyber security aspects of Lot 2 which covers IT assessment, IT industry assessment, user technology, IT innovation, IT transformation management and IT cyber risk. The total value of call-offs against Lot 2 of the framework will be between £9.2m and £11.52m over the maximum four-year period of the agreement.

Awarded following a competitive tendering exercise, the new multi-supplier framework supersedes the existing framework which has now expired. The framework provides pan-BBC personnel with access to a range of suppliers specialising in professional services across five Lots. Services procured through the framework will support the BBC’s vision to be the most creative organisation in the world, with a theme of innovation throughout the corporation’s day to day activities.