New from Ascentor, we’ve launched a fast-track cyber security service for SMEs called CyberWyse.

It’s a smart packaging of the UK’s best-known cyber security measures for SMEs that will provide all the support needed to protect a business from basic cyber attacks.

CyberWyse includes the Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme (CE) Plus and the Information Assurance for Small Medium Enterprise (IASME) Governance Standard which includes cyber security insurance.

Often an SME won’t have the time, skill or resource to manage their own cyber security to an effective level of protection. For example, research from the Federation of Small Businesses show that 35% of small firms say they have not installed security software over the past two years. In addition, 40% do not regularly update software, and a similar proportion do not back up data and IT systems. Fewer than half (47%) have a strict password policy for devices.

Commenting on the launch of CyberWyse, Ascentor’s MD, Dave James, said “A lot of SMEs feel that they should be doing more about their cyber security, especially those that have already been hacked. The good news is that basic cyber security measures and precautions can protect your business against 80% of cyber attacks – and improve your cyber security defences going forward. CyberWyse is designed to help those who want to take action but are wondering where to start. It is a quick and effective approach to reducing your organisation’s exposure to cyber risk.”

Find out more about CyberWyse here:

Ascentor have also published a free ebook called ‘Practical Cyber Security Guidance for SMEs’ which is available to download from Ascentor’s website.

Any questions? Please contact the team at Ascentor.

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