Cyber Security Programme

A cyber security programme is a comprehensive strategic initiative to achieve a sophisticated level of cyber resilience for organisations that are highly attractive to serious threat actors. It will help you to detect, respond and recover from a cyber-attack and minimise any detriment to the business.      

Ascentor uses well-established cyber risk management principles guided by widely accepted best practice to help you design and implement your programme.

Project Information Security

As a government supplier, you will need to build the appropriate level of security into your solution and demonstrate this to your customer – to the buyers at the bid stage and the accreditor during project delivery. A robust approach builds confidence with your stakeholders and protects you from costly delays.

Using Ascentor as your information security advisors brings an independent perspective and expert skills to boost your credibility and smooth the path to accreditation.

Whether you are building information security requirements into your project specification, evaluating potential suppliers’ or managing security during delivery, you need specialist skills and experience on your team. The right people can build confidence, optimise results and save you money.

Ascentor’s consultants have worked on complex and highly sensitive defence, security and government projects and can support you throughout your project lifecycle bringing a coherent and cost-effective approach.

Information Security Consultants

If you need to boost the cyber security and information assurance (IA) capability on your team, a CCP (CESG Certified Professional) consultant is the natural choice. The CCP Scheme is the UK Government’s approved standard of competence.  

Whether you need a CCP Accreditor, a Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO) or an IA Architect, Ascentor’s consultants bring the CCP credentials and experience in high security government environments. We work as part of your team at any stage of your project.

When you need a resource boost at peak times or flexible, part-time capability, a virtual service is a practical and cost-effective solution.  Ascentor offers virtual services for accreditation, security controllers and Data Protection Officers or Leads.

With appropriate qualifications and backgrounds in relevant public or private sector organisations, our consultants are knowledgeable practitioners who bring pragmatism and an independent eye to support your teams and projects.

Cyber Security Education

Education can play a very effective part in building cyber security excellence. Your teams need to understand what cyber security means in your organisation or department, where the risks lie and how to start managing them. That’s where our cyber and information risk workshops come in.

Ascentor’s IRM workshops and presentations are suitable for any type or size of audience and can last from a couple of hours to a whole day. We have a structured approach for explaining cyber risk management, firmly centred on providing business benefits to an organisation.

Certification & Compliance

Your cyber security resilience activities will almost certainly encompass one or more standards, schemes or models with which you need to be certified or comply.

Ascentor can help you achieve certification and compliance. Please click the links for full details:

Hot Topics

Build Information Assurance (IA) into your major public projects, especially those that involve sensitive information – right from the start. IA Inside from Ascentor, is a full lifecycle approach to building IA into the heart of your projects – it helps public sector buyers and suppliers make IA holistic, integrated and effective. IA Inside supports government initiatives to make systems Secure by Design.

BIM 1192-S5

Keep BIM (Building Information Modelling) models and their information safe from cyber threats. BIM 1192-5 is relevant to any organisation working with BIM, digital built environments and smart asset management. We can help you develop a strategy for implementing the security aspects of BIM.


Achieve a high level of cyber security and resilience through the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive (D), designed for operators of critical national infrastructure and essential services. Our Gap Analysis and Risk Review service will help you understand your exposure and the measures you need to take to comply.


Ensure you comply with GDPR and continue to do so. It’s not just about compliance, it’s also an opportunity to review and optimise your data processing practices. Our tried and tested GDPR Gap Analysis will guide you through the maze.

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