Ideal for organisations that want both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS with support through the entire process. Our expert assessors are here to guide you all the way to success first time.

* Prices start at £3,200 and increase depending on the requirement.


Cyber Essentials

  • Call us to discuss your requirements
  • We agree payment terms
  • We provide you with your credentials and we hold an initial call to discuss the process.
  • You fill in the offline questionnaire
  • We review your answers and arrange a call to discuss any required changes
  • You submit your online questionnaire
  • We formally validate answers
  • If successful you get your certificate

Cyber Essentials PLUS

  • We visit you and carry out a pre audit to identify any gaps (completing the remote and onsite tests)
  • We produce a report and you address the issues*
  • We revisit and carry out the Cyber Essentials PLUS technical audit (remote and onsite testing) and produce a report
  • If gaps have been addressed appropriately we award the certificate

*If you need support in addressing the issues identified (fixing the issues for you), please contact us.

Please note: achieving Cyber Essentials is a prerequisite for Cyber Essentials PLUS certification.

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