Already have Cyber Essentials and need Cyber Essentials PLUS? This level requires a remote and onsite technical audit of your system which includes a review of how you are meeting the 5 categories of Cyber Essentials. Ascentor’s expert assessors are on hand to identify any gaps and ensure you pass first time.

* For one site with a single computer build specification (OS and installed software) the price is £2700. For more complex requirements, please contact us.


  • Call us to discuss your requirements
  • We agree payment terms
  • We visit you and carry out a pre audit to identify any gaps (completing the remote and onsite tests)
  • We produce a report and you address the issues*
  • We revisit and carry out the Cyber Essentials PLUS technical audit (remote and onsite testing) and produce a report
  • If gaps have been addressed appropriately we award the certificate

*If you need support in addressing the issues identified (fixing the issues for you), please contact us.

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