Information is a valuable business asset. Any organisation that wants to be competitive, profitable and trusted today must protect its information from risk – in cyberspace, in the office or even in employee’s personal devices.

Ascentor specialises in independent Information Risk Management. We view information security as a powerful business enabler. The advice we give will help you to protect your information and strengthen your business for the future. Whether you are a public sector organisation or commercial business – we can help you raise your game.

“The kind of cyber attacks that are hitting Government and private sector networks will not only keep happening – they are going to increase. Which is why it is essential that Government organisations are prepared at all levels to meet the threat.”

NCSC – from CyberUK in Practice, 2016

We have an excellent reputation as an independent provider of Information Risk Management consultancy and Information Assurance services at the highest level of data sensitivity.

Securing information, strengthening businesses

Our management team and consultants are knowledgeable experts with deep experience of Information Risk Management practice, technology and standards. Our background is in Information Assurance for sensitive government projects. We focus on top-level public sector programmes, and support the government supply chain to strengthen cyber security and improve information protection. Meet the Ascentor team.

“Since December 2012, Ascentor Ltd has provided an Accreditation Service to the Houses of Parliament. Ascentor consultants have worked closely with the Senior Information Risk Owners of both Houses to introduce an effective accreditation strategy tailored to the unique ways of working within Parliament. The Ascentor consultants engaged with Parliament are experts in Information Risk Management, have worked with integrity and have helped us to deliver real improvements in the way that information risks are managed.”

The Houses of Parliament Senior Information Risk Owners, 2016

Putting information risk into context

Protecting your information is much more than a tick-box exercise and it’s not just an IT issue. Getting it right involves the whole business, from top to bottom. Every organisation is different so the approach to Information Risk Management needs to be different too. We help you put the risk into context, with pragmatic controls that manage the risk at every level, delivering the efficiencies your business needs. Business benefits.

Ascentor at a glance

  • Independent Information Risk Management consultancy formed 2004, based in Gloucester UK.
  • The directors: Dave James, Paddy Keating, Steve Maddison.
  • Clients include Ministry of Defence, the Houses of Parliament, L3 Marine Systems UK and Chemring.
  • Expertise in Information Risk Management, Information Assurance, Information Security Standards including cyber security.
  • Certifications include NCSC (CESG) Certified Professionals (CCP), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Auditor/Manager (CISA/CISM).
  • Frameworks include: G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists and the Cyber Security Services Framework.

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