Are you sure it’s just an RMADS you need?



The case for a considered approach to Information Assurance on MOD projects

“Just get a contractor in to write an RMADS when we’ve finished testing the system.”

How many times have we heard those fateful words?  And how many times have we put our heads in our hands and almost cried?

“What’s the problem?” you may ask. Well, in this article, we’ll explain.

We’ll make a balanced case for why your approach to Information Assurance (IA – making sure your information stays secure) would benefit from a more holistic approach. Continue reading “Are you sure it’s just an RMADS you need?” »

The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 2)









Last month we published the first of a two-part series on the best cyber security guides and articles on the web. It covered advice on educating your employees about cyber security, guidance for the board and tips for small and micro businesses.

The article was written for anyone increasingly concerned about the threat to their data and looking for advice – you can re-visit part-one here.

This month, in part-two, we point our lens at ransomware, the insider threat, guidance for suppliers to HM Government and there’s even a plain English guide to all that cyber security jargon. Continue reading “The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 2)” »

The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 1)

Best cyber guides reviewed









It’s always the big cyber security attacks that steal the headlines, but dig a little deeper and there are everyday stories of hacker inflicted misery – many of which could have been prevented.

So, if you are increasingly concerned about the threat to your own data and are looking for advice, this guide is for you.

It’s part one of a two-part series reviewing the ‘best of’ the many respected sources of cyber security advice available, with some of our most popular articles included. Continue reading “The one-stop guide to cyber security advice (Part 1)” »

How to prepare your company for achieving List X

Top secret file









Here at Ascentor we get many companies asking us how they can become a List X company. The answer is always the same – it is not something that you can just do; you must have a contract, usually with the MOD, that requires you to hold sensitive government assets on your own premises. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare if you think a contract may be forthcoming.

This blog aims to give you a few hints and tips about some pragmatic steps you can take to get you up and running as a List X company much quicker. Continue reading “How to prepare your company for achieving List X” »

GDPR: Do you really need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

GDPR Data Protection Officer image









By now you’ll have heard that there’s huge change coming to European data protection law. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

So, you’ve started doing your research as you prepare for GDPR – and you’ve noticed that the requirement to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a feature of many articles. The DPO will play a key role in ensuring compliance with GDPR – but it’s not immediately obvious what is involved.

That’s why this article looks at what the role entails, the skill sets required and cuts through some of the confusion we’ve noticed. For example, what exactly is a DPO and does every organisation actually need to appoint one? Continue reading “GDPR: Do you really need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?” »

Convince your board – cyber attack prevention is better than cure

Cyber attack ahead









There is a recurring message in many of the surveys about cyber security. It’s broadly this: a high number of businesses say that cyber security is an important issue – but a low number report any evidence of actually doing something about it.

The latest Cyber Security Breach Survey 2017 illustrates this perfectly. IPSOS MORI interviewed 1,523 UK businesses. In 74% of cases the directors or senior management said that cyber security is a high priority but only 20% currently provide staff with cyber security training – and only 33% have any formal policies in place. Continue reading “Convince your board – cyber attack prevention is better than cure” »

Ransomware attacks – don’t let them happen to you










The BBC has reported there could be further ransomware attacks this week, following the global cyber-attack that saw 48 NHS Trusts, Hospitals and GPs’ surgeries become its most high profile victims.

It has taken an attack on an institution that serves to protect lives to propel ransomware onto our TV screens and newspapers – but ransomware has been around for some time and it doesn’t just target organisations the size of the NHS.

This article briefly covers what ransomware is, what happened in the attack and offers advice on how to protect your own systems – whether you are a large organisation, an SME or a solo business/operator running a single computer. Continue reading “Ransomware attacks – don’t let them happen to you” »

Why basic cyber security could save you a lot of wonga

Wonga cyber attack








Another week, another embarrassing cyber attack. This time it’s payday lenders Wonga who are the latest high profile business to fall victim to hackers with reports suggesting 270,000 customers’ details have been stolen (of which 245,000 are in the UK) – including the last four digits of bank cards.

For a business named after the slang for money, it’s ironic that, when the dust settles – the attack may cost them a tidy sum of their own wonga – just as it did for TalkTalk. Continue reading “Why basic cyber security could save you a lot of wonga” »

Ten steps to GDPR compliance

Ten steps to GDPR compliance









In our previous blog we discussed the four key areas of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and asked ‘What does it really mean for your organisation?’ With a looming launch date of 25th May 2018, our closing advice was “don’t leave it to the last minute or chance.”

Although GDPR is a huge data management undertaking, compliance needn’t be an insurmountable challenge. So, in this article we’ve summarised the steps an organisation needs to consider to ensure it does comply. Continue reading “Ten steps to GDPR compliance” »

GDPR: What does it really mean for your organisation?










25th May 2018 sees the indoctrination of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) courtesy of the European Union. While eagerly anticipated by some organisations, for many the daunting reality of the changes GDPR brings is rapidly setting in.

There might have been a brief period of post Brexit vote uncertainty about GDPR – but it will go ahead as planned. In the world of data management, it’s time to smell the coffee. Continue reading “GDPR: What does it really mean for your organisation?” »

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